O Dom de Estar Vivo (The Gift of Being Alive) – 1967

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O Dom de Estar Vivo (The Gift of Being Alive) – 1967

A truly remarkable book, with bigger than life characters (women and men, but mostly women) far ahead of their time, in a claustrophobic country crystallized in the past. It is also a kind of subversive mirror of Portugal under the dictatorship, before the 1960’s wave of emigration, the Carnation Revolution (25 April 1974), the return of the Portuguese from the former colonies and its move towards Europe and the world radically changed it. And it is an extraordinary tribute to the role of education as a liberating force for every human being, women in particular.



Chapter 1 - Summer smiles

              Where is the summer, the unimaginable Zero Summer?

              T. S. Eliot

Chapter 2 - Garlic and saphires in the mud

              Garlic and sapphires in the mud

              T. S. Eliot

Chapter 3 - The fire and the rose

               Is all the ash the burnt roses leave

               T. S. Eliot

Alice Sampaio

A Cidade Sem Espaço; O Aquário; O Dom de Estar Vivo; D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente; A Rua da Ronda – Tarde Branca do Mês de Janeiro; Penélope by Alice Sampaio are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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