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O Dom de Estar Vivo (The Gift of Being Alive) – 1967

Please note that all books are in Portuguese, except the Aquarium, which has also an English translation


Book II

O Dom de Estar Vivo (The Gift of Being Alive) – 1967

(...) it is no small satisfaction to find someone breathing so naturally that it almost seems unusual. This is the great quality that stands out in O Dom de Estar Vivo: the fluency, the spontaneity, the easy vocabulary invention. (...) Alice Sampaio is a novelist of indignation and, as we all know, indignation is a very much alive feeling. This alone would be enough to give her our applause. She is also a writer who does not turn her face away from certain problems that have a lot to do with her condition as a woman at this moment in History, at this crucial point in which a different confrontation between the two sexes is being prepared.


José Saramago, Seara Nova, No. 1468, February 1968



Chapter 1 - Summer smiles

              Where is the summer, the unimaginable Zero Summer?

              T. S. Eliot

Chapter 2 - Garlic and saphires in the mud

              Garlic and sapphires in the mud

              T. S. Eliot

Chapter 3 - The fire and the rose

               Is all the ash the burnt roses leave

               T. S. Eliot

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