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D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente (Leonor, Wonderfully Queen) – 1968

Please note that all books are in Portuguese, except the Aquarium, which has also an English translation


D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente (Leonor, Wonderfully Queen) – 1968

An extraordinary play about the fierce Leonor Telles de Menezes (1350 – 1386) who was married to king Ferdinand I (1345-1383) and ruled as queen consort from 1372 to 1383. After the death of the king in 1383, she was regent until 1385, ruling with her Galician lover João Fernandes, the Count of Andeiro. She was hated by the people who called her The Treacherous. In 1385, noblemen led by John, Master of Avis and half-brother of Ferdinand I, fearing that Portugal might be annexed by Castile, killed Andeiro and sent Leonor to exile.


From the Foreword:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

(for once) I have so much to say that I’m afraid I’ll stutter, and hell is full of such stutterers. Of course, hell would be the last thing to scare either the wonderful Queen Leonor of Alice Sampaio or the Alice Sampaio of Queen Leonor. (...) Those who are able to see-read this “theater”, will find in Leonor, Wonderfully Queen, the vertigo, something in my view extremely good, and therefore extremely rare, and not only within Portuguese literature. (...)


Jorge Listopad

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