A Cidade sem Espaço (The City without Space) – 1961 

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A Cidade sem Espaço (The City without Space) – 1961

Alice Sampaio’s first book is an impressive depiction of the coming of age of a restless, unconventional young woman and her friends who want to live life to the full in a closed world  that continually tries to stifle them.


Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada

Lá sou amigo do rei

Lá tenho a mulher que eu quero

Na cama que escolherei


[I’m going away to Pasargadae
There I am friend of the king
There I’ll have the woman I want
On the bed that I will choose]

Manuel Bandeira [Brazilian poet]


L’essentiel, par ces temps de misère morale, c’est de créer de l’enthousiasme. Combien de personnes ont lu Homère? Cependant tout le monde en parle. On a créé ainsi la superstition homérique. Une superstition dans ce sens provoque une excitation précieuse. C’est d’enthousiasme que nous avons le plus besoin, nous et les jeunes.


Pablo Picasso

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Alice Sampaio

A Cidade Sem Espaço; O Aquário; O Dom de Estar Vivo; D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente; A Rua da Ronda – Tarde Branca do Mês de Janeiro; Penélope by Alice Sampaio are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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