O Aquário (The Aquarium) – 1963

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O Aquário (The Aquarium) - 1963

Extract from the inside cover:


Alice Sampaio succeeded in writing a profoundly original book, thanks to a powerful movement through time and space that enables her to strip the problem of human destiny of its contingent or secondary aspects, and get right to its core. (...)

With an extremely colourful and expressive writing, bordering on the visionary, the author builds a world of inconceivable landscapes and beings, full of throbbing mineral cities and underground lives, evoked in a kind of poem of the strange, which is deeply disturbing. 



Sans le Mouvement, tout serait une seule et même chose.



Alice Sampaio

A Cidade Sem Espaço; O Aquário; O Dom de Estar Vivo; D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente; A Rua da Ronda – Tarde Branca do Mês de Janeiro; Penélope by Alice Sampaio are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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