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Interviews, forewords, translations


31 January 1979 | Literatura sem Gravata, RTP archives 

Interview on the occasion of the premiere of D. Leonor, Rainha Maravilhosamente, at Teatro Municipal S. Luiz, in Lisbon (minute 27:40 — excerpts of this interview were included in the piece about the author in the RTP2 program Nada Será como Dante season 3 ep.1)

Full episode
00:40 — The Writer Day by day with Natália Correia
16:15 — To Read or Not to Read with Orlando Neves 
27:40 — Theatre and Literature with Alice Sampaio
34:00 — Popular Literature with João David Pinto Madeira

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17 July 1963 | Jornal de Letras e Artes 

Interview published on the occasion of the publication of O Aquário (transcript)

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  • The Best Japanese Short Stories, foreword by Alice Sampaio, Arcádia, 1967


  • La Bureaucratie, Edgar Morin et al., Socicultur, 1976 (in collab.)

  • Sexual Politics, Kate Millet, Publicações Dom Quixote, 1974 (in collab.)

  • Sociétés Animales, Société Humaine, Paul Chauchard, Europa-América, 1974

  • Le Hasard et la Nécessité, Essai sur la Philosophie Naturelle de la Biologie Moderne, Jacques Monod, Europa-América, 1970

  • Le Premier Homme, Jules Carles, Europa-América, 1970 

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